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Legend says that the shoolini Mata sanctuary existed much sooner than the birthplace of solan Gaon. Shoolini Mata is the principle divinity of the spot and city gets its name from this Goddess. This sanctuary is one of the acclaimed sanctuary of the solan region. Mata shoolini is Kull Devi of Baghat Estate and its rulers. The sanctuary of Mata shoolini is arranged on the southern side of the city. Shoolini Mata Temple devoted to Shoolini Mata, is one of the prime attractions of Solan. The town of Solan was named after Shoolini Mata, the directing god at Shoolini Mata Temple of neighboring town, Solan Gaon.

In the internal side of the sanctuary Shirgul Devta, Mali Devta and Idol of Maa Shoolini is available there. Legend says that Mata Shoolini has seven sisters she is them one. Mata’s different sisters are Hinglaj Devi, Jethi Jawala Ji, Lugasana Devi, Naina Devi and Tara Devi are the well known goddesses. Solan city was the Capital of Baghat Estate in previous days. Ruler Bijli Dev was the novice of this Estate. Baghat domain was work together twelve ghats implies Baghat. The territory of Bagat Eastate is spread 36 sq. miles. Lord Durga Singh was the last leader of the Estate. All the dominator of the bequest are commend the Shoolini Devi reasonable. The popularity of individuals each leader of the bequest praise this reasonable to the joy of the kull Devi. Individuals of the city trusted that when Shoolini Maa is cheerful there is no power majeure and disease.

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Jatoli Temple is exceptionally renowned Lord Shiva sanctuary in Solan area of Himachal Pradesh, India. Its arranged on Rajgarh street, 8 Kms from Solan. This sanctuary is one of the most established and religious sanctuary of the Solan locale. The sanctuary is the Asia’s most noteworthy sanctuary of Lord Shiva.

Jatoli implies long Jata (hairs) which promote means the long Jatas of master Shiva. As per a fanciful conviction, ruler Shiva went to this spot and rested for a night.

As per history, it is trusted that in the antiquated times Lord Shiva visits this spot. In this sanctuary there are three fundamental parts, a statue of Lord Shiva, a little buckle where Lord Shiva dozed for a night and a Shiv Ling. Here consistently on the event of Shivratri, a capacity is sorted out in which individuals from various parts take an interest.

This sanctuary was worked by style where the top tower is round with a curvilinear layout which closes into a tip furthermore with a touch of combination of Southern or Dravidian-Style. The highest tip of the sanctuary is normally finished with brilliant kalash. The decreasing part in the sanctuary engineering is called as “Shikhar” or ‘the zenith’. The tallness of this sub pyramidal has been kept up in climbing arrange yet kept little lower than the principle pyramidal of what is called as ‘Vimana’.

From that point, at the base of first sub pyramidal stage Lord Ganesha has been situated. In the second sub pyramidal region ‘Shesh Nag’ possesses the spot. The frontal region around these pyramids has been finished with one yellow-green shaded kalash on every side. After that at the base of the stage of third sub pyramid one can see a “trishul” particularly on every side.

In any case, there are statues of divine beings and goddesses along the front and horizontal sides of the sanctuary. The primary pyramid is tallest among all sub pyramids, along these lines making the stature of this sanctuary 111 ft., and has been given the tag of most elevated sanctuary of master Shiva in Asia. The development the sanctuary was finished in 39 years.

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Tattapani is a famous vacation spot situated at a separation of 25km from Naldehra in Himachal Pradesh. Arranged at an elevation of 655 meters above ocean level, Tattapani is surely understood for its hot sulfur springs, and draws numerous voyagers consistently.

‘Tatta-pani’ which means high temp water, has different hot sulfur springs situated along the banks of the Sutlej River. Covering a zone of 1square km, these sulfur springs are accepted to have restorative quality. The sulfurous spring water is said to have corrective powers that give alleviation from afflictions like joint torment, exhaustion and skin sicknesses. Individuals from everywhere throughout the nation visit Tattapani to take a plunge into the sulfur water of the spring. This regular spring is unadulterated and the temperature of the waters continues differing relying upon the water level of the stream.

The exceptional rock developments along the banks of the waterway make some of these springs into characteristic bathtubs. A few individuals likewise dive enormous openings in the sand, fit as a fiddle of little bathtubs, where hot bubbling water rises up out of underground and mixes with the chilly stream water, making the water tepid and perfect for washing. Tattapani is likewise specked with a few sanctuaries, in this manner holding religious hugeness for the Hindus. Individuals can likewise appreciate rafting and trout angling at Tattapani, along the Sutlej River.

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