Month: September 2016


All the temple of Hindhus are east facing but the temple of Devta Manooni is west facing  because originally the deity  came here from Suket now known as Mandi to the west of shimla . It is believed that there he appeared first step of Kalyug in village MAHU near Karsog.Lord KARAN of the Hindu epicMAHABHARTA was the king of AAG(The legendary matchless warrior,Son of Kunti and theGod Sun)and he was bleesed by KRISHANA that in Kalyug he was worshiped as a GOD. so he appeared as a serpent and became protector and ruler of the reigon. Thats why the temple is west facing. old temple was build in KOTI DHAR thats still stand. Manoon tiba is located in village Mundhaghat on the way to Chail from Kufri It is approached by narrow trail of nearly 2KM from main road Once on the tiba you can have a lovely view of Shimla and surrounding area.