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All the temple of Hindhus are east facing but the temple of Devta Manooni is west facing  because originally the deity  came here from Suket now known as Mandi to the west of shimla . It is believed that there he appeared first step of Kalyug in village MAHU near Karsog.Lord KARAN of the Hindu epicMAHABHARTA was the king of AAG(The legendary matchless warrior,Son of Kunti and theGod Sun)and he was bleesed by KRISHANA that in Kalyug he was worshiped as a GOD. so he appeared as a serpent and became protector and ruler of the reigon. Thats why the temple is west facing. old temple was build in KOTI DHAR thats still stand. Manoon tiba is located in village Mundhaghat on the way to Chail from Kufri It is approached by narrow trail of nearly 2KM from main road Once on the tiba you can have a lovely view of Shimla and surrounding area.


The mystery of CHEDVICKFALL is very amazing. Adjoin with very famous and historical hill station and the summer capital of British time SHIMLA covered with Pine,Oak and Devdar trees and sweet fragrance of flowers and stair types fields ,a village called Hayun,attracts the people towards its side. Hayun is situated at 11 km from Shimla and 4km from Summerhill. In pahari language  HIYU is nickname of snow(hem in hindi) and so HAYUN means area covered with snow.In the entry of that village their is a temple of Gandevta. It is believed that Gandevta welcomes the dev shakti and keep out the devil power out of the village. In the eastern side there is a natural waterfall which is almost 100mtr in hight.It is called ZAAL in local language.Which is zarna in hindi. It is very beautiful. From the front it looks like that water comes out from the mouth of a monster. People believe that in the past a DANAV comes out of ZAAL and eat all the crops of village.Then people of village pray to Gandevta and Nagdevta to protected them from DANAV when both devta gone in the direction of  zaal, danav challenge them and  bettle ended with the capturing of danav in talab . They put him under a big stone and take promise from him that he never threaten peoples but help them when they need. At present that fall is known as CHEDWICKFALL. although their is nothing sure behind that name  but peoples thought that waterfall is on  such a height that only CHIDU(bird)in pahari reach there,so it named Chedwickfall which looks justified.


One of the foremost standard holidays attractions of Shimla, the Sankat Mochan Temple is found among lush inexperienced and tranquil locales during this lovely hill station. Shri Sankat Mochan temple in Simla is found on the Kalka – Shimla main road, on the National main road – twenty two. The temple may be a place wherever one will truly meditate and luxuriate in the calm and peaceful surroundings. Lush inexperienced trees surround Sankat Mochan Temple and therefore the scenery consists of the imposing and lofty chain of mountains ranges and a light-weight mist adds the paranormal bit thereto place. allow us to take a glance at the temple’s history.

Not terribly way back, around 1950’s, cake Neeb Karori FTO Maharaj came to the current lovely place and discovered the proper spot for meditation and emotional self-contemplation. once staying here for ten days, he desired that a temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman ought to be engineered here. Baba’s trustworthy devotees enclosed the governor of Himachal Pradesh, UN agency in conjunction with Bhagvan Sahai took up the task of building the temple and fulfilling their Guru’s would like.

Finally, on the twenty first of Gregorian calendar month 1966, the temple was sacred and so was consummated cake Neeb Karori FTO Maharaj’s need of getting a temple engineered up here that was dedicated to Lord Hanuman. it absolutely was alittle temple long ago, but now, because of the large influx of devotees, the temple has fully grown by leaps and bounds and these days sprawls on immense space. The temple is devoted in the main to Lord Hanuman, tho’ one finds idols of Lord Rama, Shiva and Ganapati in separate complexes. there’s a specially created temple for cake Neeb Karori FTO Maharaj conjointly. The temple dedicated to Lord Ganapati has been inbuilt the South Indian type of design and is well worth the visit.

The temple has several facilities for individuals and conjointly includes a three-storey building that’s used for several functions. each Sunday, the large hall within the building is employed for distributing Prasad, conjointly called Langar. One portion of the building is employed to conduct wedding ceremonies and is rented bent those that need to conduct marriages. The temple charges a awfully nominal fee for this. excluding marriages, there square measure several alternative sacred rituals and ceremonies that may be conducted up here. monks and therefore the maintainance workers, UN agency work here day and night, use the remainder of the building as a residential complicated. The temple conjointly has Associate in Nursing Ayurvedic clinic and thirty well maintained bathrooms.

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trek-to-tara-devi-templeadvanced-studieschail santuarychail groundsankat mochan gatejakhu temple from ridgeFor the perfect occasion in Shimla, begin your experience from the adventure itself. Board the toy prepare that chugs up to this curious slope station from Kalka. Respect the rich slopes in transit and after that progression on to the stage at the modest railroad station that in any case holds its oild world appeal. Shimla occasions are about investigating the provincial structures and legacy of the city, beginning with the grand Vice Regal Lodge that houses a gallery and lavish patio nurseries for relaxed strolls. Visit Christ Church, the second most established church in Northern India and the popular Gaity Theater, deliberately situated on the activity pressed Mall, where special first night couples rub shoulders with elderly couples thinking back their yesteryears. In the event that its optimal perspectives that your, searching for on your Shimla trip, head to Summer Hill and Annandale, both arranged inside 5 km of the Ridge. The Jakhu Hill, 2 km away likewise offers a mind blowing perspective of the surroundings furthermore gloats of a tremendously venerated Hanuman Temple. Shimla occasion bundles are deficient without journeys to close-by destinations like Mashobra, Kufri and Naldehra, which are inside 20 km span of Shimla. Somewhere else worth a visit is Chail, 45 km away, where you should visit Chail Palace,World highest cricket ground,wild sanchuries area and kali tiba.

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Legend says that the shoolini Mata sanctuary existed much sooner than the birthplace of solan Gaon. Shoolini Mata is the principle divinity of the spot and city gets its name from this Goddess. This sanctuary is one of the acclaimed sanctuary of the solan region. Mata shoolini is Kull Devi of Baghat Estate and its rulers. The sanctuary of Mata shoolini is arranged on the southern side of the city. Shoolini Mata Temple devoted to Shoolini Mata, is one of the prime attractions of Solan. The town of Solan was named after Shoolini Mata, the directing god at Shoolini Mata Temple of neighboring town, Solan Gaon.

In the internal side of the sanctuary Shirgul Devta, Mali Devta and Idol of Maa Shoolini is available there. Legend says that Mata Shoolini has seven sisters she is them one. Mata’s different sisters are Hinglaj Devi, Jethi Jawala Ji, Lugasana Devi, Naina Devi and Tara Devi are the well known goddesses. Solan city was the Capital of Baghat Estate in previous days. Ruler Bijli Dev was the novice of this Estate. Baghat domain was work together twelve ghats implies Baghat. The territory of Bagat Eastate is spread 36 sq. miles. Lord Durga Singh was the last leader of the Estate. All the dominator of the bequest are commend the Shoolini Devi reasonable. The popularity of individuals each leader of the bequest praise this reasonable to the joy of the kull Devi. Individuals of the city trusted that when Shoolini Maa is cheerful there is no power majeure and disease.

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Jatoli Temple is exceptionally renowned Lord Shiva sanctuary in Solan area of Himachal Pradesh, India. Its arranged on Rajgarh street, 8 Kms from Solan. This sanctuary is one of the most established and religious sanctuary of the Solan locale. The sanctuary is the Asia’s most noteworthy sanctuary of Lord Shiva.

Jatoli implies long Jata (hairs) which promote means the long Jatas of master Shiva. As per a fanciful conviction, ruler Shiva went to this spot and rested for a night.

As per history, it is trusted that in the antiquated times Lord Shiva visits this spot. In this sanctuary there are three fundamental parts, a statue of Lord Shiva, a little buckle where Lord Shiva dozed for a night and a Shiv Ling. Here consistently on the event of Shivratri, a capacity is sorted out in which individuals from various parts take an interest.

This sanctuary was worked by style where the top tower is round with a curvilinear layout which closes into a tip furthermore with a touch of combination of Southern or Dravidian-Style. The highest tip of the sanctuary is normally finished with brilliant kalash. The decreasing part in the sanctuary engineering is called as “Shikhar” or ‘the zenith’. The tallness of this sub pyramidal has been kept up in climbing arrange yet kept little lower than the principle pyramidal of what is called as ‘Vimana’.

From that point, at the base of first sub pyramidal stage Lord Ganesha has been situated. In the second sub pyramidal region ‘Shesh Nag’ possesses the spot. The frontal region around these pyramids has been finished with one yellow-green shaded kalash on every side. After that at the base of the stage of third sub pyramid one can see a “trishul” particularly on every side.

In any case, there are statues of divine beings and goddesses along the front and horizontal sides of the sanctuary. The primary pyramid is tallest among all sub pyramids, along these lines making the stature of this sanctuary 111 ft., and has been given the tag of most elevated sanctuary of master Shiva in Asia. The development the sanctuary was finished in 39 years.

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