Chedwick fall


The mystery of CHEDVICKFALL is very amazing. Adjoin with very famous and historical hill station and the summer capital of British time SHIMLA covered with Pine,Oak and Devdar trees and sweet fragrance of flowers and stair types fields ,a village called Hayun,attracts the people towards its side. Hayun is situated at 11 km from Shimla and 4km from Summerhill. In pahari language  HIYU is nickname of snow(hem in hindi) and so HAYUN means area covered with snow.In the entry of that village their is a temple of Gandevta. It is believed that Gandevta welcomes the dev shakti and keep out the devil power out of the village. In the eastern side there is a natural waterfall which is almost 100mtr in hight.It is called ZAAL in local language.Which is zarna in hindi. It is very beautiful. From the front it looks like that water comes out from the mouth of a monster. People believe that in the past a DANAV comes out of ZAAL and eat all the crops of village.Then people of village pray to Gandevta and Nagdevta to protected them from DANAV when both devta gone in the direction of  zaal, danav challenge them and  bettle ended with the capturing of danav in talab . They put him under a big stone and take promise from him that he never threaten peoples but help them when they need. At present that fall is known as CHEDWICKFALL. although their is nothing sure behind that name  but peoples thought that waterfall is on  such a height that only CHIDU(bird)in pahari reach there,so it named Chedwickfall which looks justified.

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