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ViceRegal Lodge or Rashtrapati Bhavan is arranged on top of the Observatory Hill in Shimla is a provincial design perfect work of art. It is the main notable landmark in Shimla that involves a whole slope!

For a considerable length of time, this building has pulled in vacationers, geologists, scientists and in addition individuals looking for comfort and aesthetic motivations. The vibe at this spot is quiet and alleviating. The development of this memorable building was begun in 1888. Indeed, even following 120 years, the frontier landmark stands firm on the ground in an immaculate condition.

The building was developed to serve as the habitation of Lord Dufferin in late nineteenth century. The building, in this manner, had every single comprehensible amenitie for the Viceroy, for example, an indoor tennis court, focal warming framework, electric lights, clothing, colossal kitchens and so forth. Outlined by Mr. H. Irwin – draftsman of Public Works Department of British Government in India, Vice Regal Lodge is the most exceptional and amazing pilgrim landmark in Shimla – the late spring capital of British India.

Opening Time

If you need to see Shimla in its actual noteworthy British flavor, you can visit Vice Regal Lodge or IIAS on any day from 9 am to 5 pm.

Guided IIAS are additionally accessible for a charge of Rs. 50/ – . Two guided visits are begun each hour (Except amid the lunch time – 1 pm to 2 pm). These visits give assets to the testing undertaking of keeping up this huge property.

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