Naldehra Tattapani


Naldehra Tattapani

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Tattapani is a famous vacation spot situated at a separation of 25km from Naldehra in Himachal Pradesh. Arranged at an elevation of 655 meters above ocean level, Tattapani is surely understood for its hot sulfur springs, and draws numerous voyagers consistently.

‘Tatta-pani’ which means high temp water, has different hot sulfur springs situated along the banks of the Sutlej River. Covering a zone of 1square km, these sulfur springs are accepted to have restorative quality. The sulfurous spring water is said to have corrective powers that give alleviation from afflictions like joint torment, exhaustion and skin sicknesses. Individuals from everywhere throughout the nation visit Tattapani to take a plunge into the sulfur water of the spring. This regular spring is unadulterated and the temperature of the waters continues differing relying upon the water level of the stream.

The exceptional rock developments along the banks of the waterway make some of these springs into characteristic bathtubs. A few individuals likewise dive enormous openings in the sand, fit as a fiddle of little bathtubs, where hot bubbling water rises up out of underground and mixes with the chilly stream water, making the water tepid and perfect for washing. Tattapani is likewise specked with a few sanctuaries, in this manner holding religious hugeness for the Hindus. Individuals can likewise appreciate rafting and trout angling at Tattapani, along the Sutlej River.

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