Shoolini Mata Temple


Shoolini Mata Temple

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Legend says that the shoolini Mata sanctuary existed much sooner than the birthplace of solan Gaon. Shoolini Mata is the principle divinity of the spot and city gets its name from this Goddess. This sanctuary is one of the acclaimed sanctuary of the solan region. Mata shoolini is Kull Devi of Baghat Estate and its rulers. The sanctuary of Mata shoolini is arranged on the southern side of the city. Shoolini Mata Temple devoted to Shoolini Mata, is one of the prime attractions of Solan. The town of Solan was named after Shoolini Mata, the directing god at Shoolini Mata Temple of neighboring town, Solan Gaon.

In the internal side of the sanctuary Shirgul Devta, Mali Devta and Idol of Maa Shoolini is available there. Legend says that Mata Shoolini has seven sisters she is them one. Mata’s different sisters are Hinglaj Devi, Jethi Jawala Ji, Lugasana Devi, Naina Devi and Tara Devi are the well known goddesses. Solan city was the Capital of Baghat Estate in previous days. Ruler Bijli Dev was the novice of this Estate. Baghat domain was work together twelve ghats implies Baghat. The territory of Bagat Eastate is spread 36 sq. miles. Lord Durga Singh was the last leader of the Estate. All the dominator of the bequest are commend the Shoolini Devi reasonable. The popularity of individuals each leader of the bequest praise this reasonable to the joy of the kull Devi. Individuals of the city trusted that when Shoolini Maa is cheerful there is no power majeure and disease.

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