The Khushala Valley View Guest House – At a Glance


The Khushala Valley View Guest House – At a Glance

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IMG_20160810_182229IMG_20160810_183135IMG_20160810_183912The Valley View Guest House is situated at an extremely pleasant area at Shoghi a suburb of Shimla, in the midst of the lap of nature in a tranquil, quiet and peaceful environment, actually honored with stunning perspectives of the removed Chail and snow clad Himalayan ranges. The Valley View Guest House has the best of the extravagances and offices required for a quiet and agreeable stay which are equivalent to immoderate lodgings and resorts in Shimla. Yet all these extravagances are accessible at much efficient, sensible and reasonable costs to suite your financial plan.Khushala valleyview is situated  on the top of  Khushala valley.This valley is famous for its khushali (prosperity).This valley is famous for fruits, vegetables and crops and moreover for its unforgettable,breathtaking natural beauty.we provide the best of luxury,facilities required for a peaceful and comfortable stay in affordable price.

The Valley View Guest House is a perfect occasion destination tastefully composed in amicability with the quiet encompassing offers a flawless setting to cooperative with nature. Suitably found confronting a pleasant valley it is a perfect spot, conservative, moderate but with uncompromising solace for the individual looking for rest far from feverish city life.

There are miles of pleasant valley perspectives and one can have all encompassing perspective of the fabulous Himalayas and spiritualist Chail. Resonant serenades from the nearby Tara Devi sanctuary on the peak and warm dawn from the far off snow clad Himalayas make a noteworthy and reviving begin of the day.

View to see and Things to do

Sanctuaries, fowl viewing, trekking, photography, outing, lackadaisical woods strolls,forest walk, fun in the snow in winters and significantly more.feeling of joy and relaxation at Khushala valley view.khushala is famous for its ancient temple named Thakurdawara.This temple is belongs to Radha and Krishana.  Thakurdawara mean thakur ji ka is belived that this temple is satuated on the top but when Hanuman ji brings sanjivani buti he puts his foot at here.  With the hit of Hanuman ji hill goes down in the earth and convert in deep valley.At that time Baba Janki Dass was in meditation. Hewish Hanuman ji and request him to bless that area by  khushali(prosperity) so that,that area is known as Khushala The temple is painted by natural colors in pahari and kangri pattern . this temple is almost 250 years old .Why This Guest House ?

Amazing quiet and tranquil area, feel at home air, slick and clean rooms and material ensured, casual friendliness unique in relation to lodgings and resorts.Khushala valley view is appraised among the main ten inns in Shimla . Khushala valley view is a drive set up with stopping, lavish green gardens, natural product trees, valley confronting rooms with overhang which are uncommon in Shimla.This guest house is your perfect holiday destination in shimla because we have all you looking for..excellent location, drive in parking,24 hours net connectivity and neat and clean rooms with all amenities.

Guest House Rooms 

All rooms are all around outfitted and give all advanced courtesies to a pleasurable and agreeable remain. The windows open up to a beautiful magnificence which is certain to cast an enchantment spell on you. All rooms are east-bound and have connected private balcony.All the rooms are  designed as per hotel industry . The rooms are choosy,spacious and having panoramic view.Room levy is sensible estimated at Rs 2500 every day which gives perfect worth for your cash.


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